Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fourth Day Recap

Wow, guys, you’ve blown us away with your bids. A giant-sized thank you to everyone who donated items for the auction and to everyone whose bidding is helping us raise funds for those in need. Keep those bids coming!

Just a little note: All items from Day 2 of the auction are closing TONIGHT at 10:00PM EST.

That’s two hours from right now. So hurry up with those bids to win critiques from HarperCollins Children’s Book editor Sarah Dotts Barley, Operation Awesome writers, and agent Joanna Volpe. Don't forget the books still up for grabs: THE NEAR WITCH, A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL, four LGBT YA books, and more! They're all so excited to have your bids. Really.

Don’t forget to check in tomorrow when we will auction off items like a signed galley of LOLA AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR, a 50-page critique from author Tali Rolland, a signed ARC of INCARNATE and (if bidding goes high enough) a partial manuscript critique from author Jodi Meadows, and a 10-page critique from HarperTeen editor Kari Sutherland!

But wait, there’s more!

That’s right, Read for Relief has been such a success—thanks to all of your generous donations and bids—that we’ve decided to extend the auction until Monday. Here’s the deal:
  • Friday’s auction items will close on Sunday, as planned.
  • We’re taking the weekend off, but we’ll be back Monday with what we consider is an auction day constructed out of pure awesomeness. (Don’t worry, we’ll drop some hints tomorrow. For now, just know that you want to stay tuned. Trust us.)

Today's items will remain open to bidding until Saturday at 10:00PM EST.

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