Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 2, Item 5: Agent Query Critique

From agent Joanna Volpe:

Win a query critique from agent Joanna Volpe with Nancy Coffey Literary & Media Representation, who represents authors like Veronica Roth,  Kody Keplinger, and Lee Nichols.

Joanna is a literary agent with Nancy Coffey Literary & Media Representation. She represents a variety of children's and adult books, fiction and non-fiction.

Learn more about Joanna Volpe at her agency's website and blog.

This item will close on Thursday, September 15th, at 10:00PM EST.   


  1. Wow! For this much I'll also go over the revised version of the query as well!

  2. I will up my offer to the first 10 pages of the ms as well! Come one peoples!

  3. Holy cow, with an incredible last minute bidding war, KT Crowley comes away with the query and MS critique!

    Thanks so much to all the bidders, and we'll send KT an email shortly with details!

    The Read for Relief Team

  4. Shouldn't JmGiO get it? She bid 200, KT only 181

  5. I'm so sorry, Nikki and bidders, you're absolutely right. With the high bid in before 10 PM, JmGio is the winner! (I was hurrying to close all the bids and missed that detail, so sorry!)

    JmGiO, we'll send you an email quickly!