How it Works

The Auction & Bidding
  1. Auction items will be listed in individual posts.
  2. Bidders will have three (3) days to bid in the comments. 
    • There is a minimum starting bid of $10
    • After that, bid at quantities you see fit
    • Please use comments only for bidding. Include your bid in US dollar ($) amounts along with your email address. If you bid as "Anonymous," please leave a name in the comment along with your bid and email address.
  3. All auctions will close at 10:00 PM Eastern on their third day. (9:00 PM Central / 8:00 PM Mountain / 7:00 PM Pacific)
    • The highest bid, timestamped by blogger at 10:00PM or earlier will declared the winner.
Winning & Payment
  1. Read for Relief will contact the winner of an auction item via email
  2. Winner will have 24 hours to "claim" their item by responding to the email
    • If winner does not claim their item within the 24 hour time-frame, we will default to the runner-up from the bidding comments.
  3. Winner will have one (1) week from the close of their auction to make their payment directly to the Red Cross and forward the receipt back to us via email.
    • If winner does not forward their receipt to us within the one week time-frame, we will default to the runner-up from the bidding comments.
    • For our international winners, you can pay via credit card by selecting "Amazing Payment" as your pay method. Hit "Continue" and you will be redirected to Amazon, where you can confirm payment. 
  4. Read for Relief will then put winners in touch with the donor for intangible items (like a critique), or supply the donor with the winner's mailing address for physical items (like a book).

Other Rules
  1. For items involving critiques:
      • All pages are to be double spaced with a twelve point Times New Roman font.
      • Any "full" critique is capped at a 100K word count max.
      1. Read for Relief organizers are not responsible for lost, forgotten, misplaced, or otherwise messed up items. All bids and items are donated in good faith.
      2. Read for Relief is not officially affiliated with the Red Cross

      We will add instructions as needed! If you have a more generic question, please read the FAQs.

      * Rules shamelessly adapted from Help Write Now (thanks, ladies!)