Can I email you?
Yes! We can't promise a speedy response to each and every one, but we will read all emails sent to readforrelief[at]gmail[dot]com. We're also on Twitter @read4relief.

What's the minimum bid?
$10. After that initial bid, bid at whatever increasing increments you deem fit! 

When does bidding end on an auction item?
Each item will be open to bidding for three (3) days. For example, an item posted Wednesday will be available until 10:00 PM Eastern on Friday. The highest bid, timestamped by blogger at 10:00PM or earlier will declared the winner. For more on specifics of time and bidding, visit the How it Works page.

How do I know if I won?
After an item is closed, we will name the winner in the comments and then close the post to additional comments. We will be in touch with winners via email. 

How do I pay for my item?
If you received an email from us confirming that you won a bid, please follow the instructions regarding payment in that email. (In short, we will point you to the Red Cross website, where you will make a donation matching your bid amount, and then forward us the receipt.)

The Red Cross only takes U.S. credit cards. How can I pay if I'm an international bidder?
For our international winners, you can pay via credit card by selecting "Amazon Payment" as your pay method. Hit "Continue" and you will be redirected to Amazon, where you can confirm payment. 

When will I get my item?
After we confirm your payment, we'll put you in touch with the donor for intangible items (like a crit), or we will provide the donor with your mailing address for physical items (like a book). The donor will then be responsible for getting the item to you. The wait will vary. A crit make take a few weeks or months, and a book, depending on shipping methods, several days or weeks.

Are you accepting new auction item donations?
Yes. Please visit the Give an Auction Item page for details. If you are interested in donating, you can fill out our donation form
We are closed to donations. Thank you for your support. We encourage you to donate directly if you are still interested in aided victims of Hurricane Irene.

What kind of donations are you accepting? Do they have to be YA-related?
Donation items do not have to be YA-related, but they should be industry-related. Books, arcs, swag, query critiques, partial or full critiques, and other similar items are all welcome. Get creative!
See above.

Do I mail my donation item to you?
No, please hold on to your item. After we have a winning bidder and have confirmed their payment, we'll provide you their address via email and you can mail items directly to them. 

What about intangible items, like a critique?
After we have a winning bidder and have confirmed their payment, we'll put the two of you in touch via email and you can work out the details together.