Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 2, Item 4: Signed copy of INKBLOT

From YA writing team Johnson Naigle:

Win a signed copy of YA suspense novel INKBLOT.

Eighteen-year-old web entrepreneur Ronnie Wright owns the virally popular website, INKBLOT. Determined to sweep local newspaper reporter, Chelsea Pressman, off her feet, he tries to wow her with his internet success.

Chelsea has one goal, making it big as a reporter. Unfortunately the editor isn’t tossing any good stories her way. Her luck changes and she is first in line to cover a string of bizarre crimes. The notoriety she’s gaining from the front-page stories is addictive.

The police finally trace the crimes to a common link – INKBLOT.

Now, Ronnie has to clear his name as the number one suspect in Chelsea’s headline crimes.

Johnson Naigle is the writing team of Virginia authors, Nancy Naigle and Phyllis C. Johnson. This is their first novel together.

Learn more about Johnson Naigle at their website and on Twitter.

This item will close on Thursday, September 15th, at 10:00PM EST.   


  1. Curious about the book...BOOKS AHOY gave it a 5-ANCHOR review. That translates to "IT WAS AMAZING" See her review at::

  2. I'll start the bidding with $10

    mesagray at gmail dot com

  3. $23 mesagray at gmail dot com

  4. And ATU is the winner! Thanks to everyone for your bids, and we'll send ATU an email with details shortly!

    Thanks so much!
    The Read for Relief Team