Thursday, September 29, 2011

TOTALS, or: you guys are amazing!


Yup. That's how much we raised in just ten days of bidding. You guys have been absolutely phenominal.

Another big thank you to all our donors. Without their generous item donations, this auction would not have happened. And thank you again, bidders, for your amazing bids. If you could see the emails we sent to each other over these last few days it wouldn't even begin to sum up how floored we are by your generosity. Which may be just as well. Most of those emails didn't even make sense. It was basically a lot of this: omg,  !!!, *faints*, can you believe this?!

The writing community is truly a wonderful one. Perhaps we shouldn't have been so surprised. :)

Hurricane Irene now seems like a distant memory to those of us that were lucky enough to avoid damage, but in some places, the recovery is going to be slow and steady. If you would still like to donate to the Red Cross, we encourage you to do so directly.

Thank you again. We'd say "see you next time," but that would mean another disaster, and we are all hoping that won't be necessary.


  1. Very awesome! Thanks again for doing this! I, too, was amazed at the bidding. Such a generous community on all sides. :D

  2. Yes! There should be more of these auctions, but for different charities (maybe like the one the person/author who donates their item(s)). I'm sad these are over :(