Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 6, Item 5: Editorial Gift Certificates

From Editor Cassandra Marshall: 

TWO $35 gift certificates to, which can be used for a submissions package edit (query + first ten pages), a ten page partial edit, or a synopsis critique (up to four single spaced pages). Certificates can also be used towards the cost of a full edit or gifted to other writers.

Note: The top two bidders will win the certificates.

Cassandra Marshall is a freelance editor, lit agent intern, YA writer, and loves to play with her dog Mollie. She dreams of one day owning a small house near the water, preferably in England, with a shelf full of books she has written and has helped others to write. Her past clients have gone on to secure agents and many now have book deals. She wept like a baby the first time she held a client's finished and published book. She specializes in YA, but loves MG and unique adult books too.

Learn more about Cassandra at her writing website, her editing website, and on Twitter

This item will close on Wednesday, September 21. Highest bid timestamped 10PM (EST) or earlier wins.